Feeling Helpful?
We gladly appreciate and welcome all the support we can get. Please use the information below to find out ways you can help become a volunteer. Our email is listed below.
Set Up Team
Vital to the success of our event. Teams will set up tables and chairs in the public tents, label and distribute Hot Ash and Trash Barrels throughout the event area; hook up Hose Bib Splitters in Backyard BBQ Competition and/or Vendor areas; set up signs if needed and more.
Volunteer Coordinators
Will greet and register volunteers, distribute volunteer t-shirts, lanyards and name tags, confirm volunteer assignments and locations, log volunteer feedback and/or updates, log and monitor ice distribution and sales.
Judges’ Assistants
will assist KCBS Reps and Smokin’ On Pecos officials as directed, clear and store entry containers after judging of each category, keep water coolers stocked with ice and water, help keep general public out of Judges’ Building, and gather up Kids’ Q grills after Kids’ Q Competition.
The Restoration Team
Vital to the successful conclusion of the event. Volunteers will fold up tables and chairs in the public tents, return borrowed tables to proper Eddy County Fair storage, gather and empty Hot Ash and Trash Barrels throughout the event area. Other volunteers will unhook hose bib splitters in Backyard BBQ Competition and/or Vendor areas, take down signs as needed, tear down up sales booths, clean and prepare Kids’ Q grills for storage, conduct general litter patrol and other jobs as needed.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email:
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