Judges        Note: 2020 Postponed until November 6-8, 2020
Making tasty verdicts.

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We are looking for Certified KCBS Judges. We appreciate the judges and their efforts in making our event a true success.
For all certified judges, we register our judges directly. Please email us dvgrousnick@yahoo.com, to register to be a judge at Smokin' on the Pecos.   
Please include FULL contact information, including:  
  • First & Last Name
  • email
  • FULL Mailing Address
  • Phone Number (you may choose to indicate if you prefer voicemail or text)
  • Day(s) you wish to judge (don't forget Friday Ancillary & Kids' Q)
  • CBJ # 
    • Master Judge?​
    • Willing to Table Captain?
    • Willing to Volunteer?
  • T-shirt size 
We will notify you to confirm your judging status as teams register.