1. Great news | Huzhou Green New Materials Co., Ltd. Title of Zhejiang provincial enterprise technology center in 2019


          Recently, the Enterprise Research and Development Center of Huzhou Green New Materials Co., Ltd. successfully passed the joint recognition of four departments including Provincial Economic and Information Department, provincial finance department, provincial tax bureau and Hangzhou customs, and won the title of 2019 provincial enterprise technology center in Zhejiang province, this marks that green new materials have stepped to a new stage in the enterprise innovation work.

          Winning the provincial honor this time is also an affirmation of the achievements of research and development and innovation of green new materials for many years. Show our company's relatively perfect research, development, test conditions and stable investment in technological innovation. It also indicates that our company's comprehensive economic and technical indicators and technology development ability are in the forefront of our counterparts in the province.

          In the future, green new materials will always adhere to the research on green, environmental-friendly and scientific building materials, and make continuous efforts to create a truly healthy, comfortable and energy-saving living environment suitable for people's needs.