1. new materials and new processes boost the "green" development of enterprise-Dr. Mary-Ka visits to carry out technical exchanges


          On the afternoon of September 23, overseas academician expert Dr. Mary Ka visited the company for technical exchange, Mr. Zhu Shirong, the chairman of the board, Wu Kun, the director of the Enterprise Service Center of Daixi town, Xu Min, the vice general manager of the production center, and Zhang Haitang, the director of the research and development center accompanied the visit, and warmly welcomed the arrival of Dr. Mary Ka.

          Under the guidance of the company's management, Dr. Mary Ka, who came from afar, visited the research and development center, the additive workshop, the coating workshop, the thermal insulation material workshop, etc.

          We visited the production process of the product and communicated with technicians on the content of future design and development of the product. She was deeply impressed by the clean and tidy factory environment and advanced production line.

          Later, a group of people visited the R & D (Reseach and developed)center. Director Zhang Haitang of the R & D center introduced the relevant information of the R & D center of green new materials to the doctor, at the same time, the center has made a detailed introduction in the aspect of product technology improvement, and has proposed that all parties can make in-depth discussions in the aspect of building floor and building materials in the future, and put forward new solutions for better product research and development.

          Finally, a technical exchange meeting was held in the chairman's office. At the meeting, Mr. Zhu Shirong, the chairman of the board, introduced the current development trend of the domestic industry and discussed the development of technology and technology in the building materials industry in recent years with Dr. Mary-Ka. It has increased the experience for our company to continuously improve the technology and technology, develop new products, and further laid the foundation for providing green and environmental protection products for the vast number of consumers.

          After the inspection, Dr. Mary Ka expressed his thanks for our warm and thoughtful reception, highly recognized our technical quality strategy, and looked forward to deeper exchanges and cooperation in the future.

          In the future, our company will, as always, organize and participate in more technical exchange meetings, and continue to lead the industry with professional, excellent and effective construction materials product technology.


          Marika Translator

          PS:Dr. Marika graduated from University College London with a doctor's degree in condensed physics. He has learned about chemistry and physics of coating formula, Interface Science of coating performance, he has professional research in Process Chemistry, quality control and fluid dynamics, has more than 10 patents related to new products and processes, and has published more than 30 international publications, and held a number of internal and external international lectures and technical seminars.




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